What is Squalamine?
Squalamine is an essential ingredient which may be derived from various sources in nature.  One known source of squalamine is predominantly found in the liver tissue (not the "liver oil") of the deep water shark.  The "liver oil" of the shark contains only trace amounts of the compound squalamine, however, it also contains many other exotic compounds. 

Squalamine is not a protein.  Instead, it is the first known example of a class of compounds called aminosterols, each being a steroid chemically linked to an amino acid.  Proteins are easily destroyed by digestive enzymes in the stomach, however, squalamine remains unscathed through the digestive tract. 
Benefits of Squalamine
Angiogenesis is a function in the body where unhealthy cells develop their own blood vessel structure in order to nourish and support themselves.  The immune system, in response, uses certain compounds in the body to naturally counter angiogenesis.  This normal body function is called anti-angiogenesis. 

If the immune system is successful in carrying out this designed natural function, unhealthy cells can not survive.  However, if the body is deficient in these vital compounds, anti-angiogenesis can not occur.  Therefore, it is important to supplement the body with natural anti-angiogenesis factors.  Squalamine is an aminosterol compound which the body readily uses to carry out its normal anti-angiogenesis function.
Squalamax™ - Squalamine Extract Capsules
There is a remarkable dietary supplement on the market by the name of Squalamax™ which contains a highly concentrated form/extract of squalamine from the livers of deep water sharks.  Squalamax™ has an extremely high bio-availability of these active compounds and as a result is very important to be ingested as a supplement to the human diet. 

Squalamax™ also contains other factors which dynamically support the immune system in addition to its anti-angiogenesis factors.  By taking Squalamax™, significantly more squalamine is ingested than by taking Shark Liver Oil gelcaps alone.  Squalamax™ can be taken by itself, however, by taking it along with Shark Liver Oil the effects of both products will be dramatically enhanced.

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